Health Improvement Strategy

Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant Public Hearing

Goal: The public hearing is held to ensure all residents have the opportunity to present their feedback and recommendations.

Strategy Description: Testimonies can be given in a variety of formats. For example: -You can provide general comments about your community, family or individual needs that you’ve observed in your neighborhoods. (i.e. Access to fresh and affordable food is a challenge in my community.) -You can share recommendations in specific areas that target specific populations. (i.e. Young people in my neighborhood need more support to stay safe and make healthy choices.) To support your testimony, it helps to include: -Population health data that characterizes and describes your topic (i.e. In 2015, 10% of babies in my ward were born prematurely.) -Evidence to support your recommended strategy or proposed intervention (i.e. According to the CDC report on evidence-based programs, we know that community-level prevention programs—including this exercise-based intervention, has been successful at reducing falls among the elderly.)

Level of Change: Programs

Primary Focus Area:

Data Category Tag:

Estimated Implementation Date: 2019-05-22

Estimated Completion Date: 2019-05-22

Estimated Ease of Implementation: Easy

Estimated Cost of Implementation: Moderate

Potential Community Benefit: Moderate


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