Prepared by: Alyzza Dill-Hudson, MPH, DC Healthy People Program Analyst

Photo: “View from Union Market Roof,” angela n., CC BY 2.0


The purpose of the DC Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is to comprehensively analyze the overall health status and quality of life for District residents. In analyzing key health, demographic, and socioeconomic data, we gather information to:

  • Better understand the needs, challenges, strengths and opportunities for health to DC residents; and 
  • Identify ways to leverage strengths and opportunities so our systems can better meet our unique needs and challenges.

This assessment serves as a resource that catalogs the District’s existing assets, healthcare services and facilities, public health infrastructure, community partnerships mobilized to address priority needs, promising practices and policies, population health data, and funding opportunities. The information on this interactive website is designed to be updated when new data are available, revised as we learn more about specific health issues, and expanded as emerging issues are identified.

Key Focus Areas

In this report, you will find data and details on a broad range of topics that impact the population health of those who live, work, and play in the District.

Each topic area includes:

  • background information,
  • detailed data and statistics, 
  • community assets & resources, 
  • promising practices & policies,
  • information on related funding opportunities, and 
  • data resources. 


The description of our process, analyses, and data sources.

Health Determinants & Factors

The social, economic, behavioral, environmental and clinical factors and systems that impact population health.

Community Description

The demographic overview of our diverse population.

Health Outcomes

The physical and mental well-being of the population, including length and quality of life.

Our Approach

We recognize that opportunities for health are created primarily outside of the traditional health care and public health systems. Different opportunities for health are the result of much broader social, structural, and institutional systems, norms, laws, policies and practices. These social and structural determinants of health produce inequitable health outcomes and health disparities. The data and visuals presented in this report aim to show how interconnected these influences are. By framing this assessment with a health equity lens, we focus our collective power to address the underlying social and structural inequities across the key drivers of opportunities for health to build a healthier community for us all.

DC Health is committed to engaging everyone to create equitable environments in which every District resident has the ability to attain the highest level of health. Data presented in this assessment are a mix of important population-level health outcomes from a variety of primary and secondary data sources. In 2019, DC Health and the DC Hospital Association partnered to conduct a shared Community Health Needs Assessment Survey to include the lived experiences and priorities of District residents into the city’s assessment. We hope this CHNA will serve as a resource to improve the health and wellness of residents of the District of Columbia.

Our Community’s Health, at a Glance

The summary dashboard highlights the leading health indicators from the DC Healthy People 2020 plan.  The DC Healthy People 2020 Framework is our shared community agenda that monitors 150 objectives and targets for the year 2020 as well as recommends over 85 strategies to improve population health.

About the Assessment

This report would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and contribution of community members, activists, researchers, civil servants, community-based organizations, and healthcare providers.

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