Health Improvement Strategy

CHNA Data Committee

Goal: The goal of the 2019 CHNA is to comprehensively analyze the overall state of health in the District and gather information to better understand the needs, challenges, strengths and opportunities for health to DC residents.

Strategy Description: This assessment contains information on a broad range of factors that impact community health as well as existing assets, resources, policies and practices to address these health issues. All of our content should map back to this overarching goal. As a participating data workgroup member, we invite you to review the drafted materials to determine any gaps in topic area and relevance, and to provide feedback, revisions and suggestions.

Level of Change: Policy

Primary Focus Area:

Data Category Tag: Equity and Justice

Estimated Implementation Date: 2019-07-25

Estimated Completion Date: 2019-09-15

Estimated Ease of Implementation: Moderate

Estimated Cost of Implementation: Very Low

Potential Community Benefit: High


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