Myths Associated with Hair restoration surgery

Hair restoration procedure is specially designed for those who are suffering from hair loss conditions. So, if you are suffering from hair fall then must talk to our specialist about your condition. If you are planning to get this treatment, then do not take the myths about this procedure seriously.

Hair is the best part of your appearance which contributes to beauty or overall personality. Some have healthy and smooth hair, but some are struggling to have healthy and smooth hair. They are suffering from hair fall condition, which is common these days. No doubt they go with several treatment options but they are unable to get permanent results. Hair loss treatment includes so many treatment options such as creams, lotions, shampoos, oral medications, and hair transplant surgery.

If you use creams and lotions then you will surely get temporary results, but if you want the permanent solution, then you must go with hair transplant or hair restoration procedure. This will surely give you better results according to your desires. But many people create so many myths or misconceptions about hair restoration, let’s clear all the doubts in this article.

Your Age can be a Hindrance

This is one of most common myth, that this hair restoration surgery is only for adult people. So, this is completely wrong because age does not matter if you are going to get a hair restoration procedure. People of each age group can go with this procedure who are in good health and have bald spots on their head or suffering from excessive hair growth. But make sure you must go with the best hair transplantation specialist.

FUT Technique is better as compared to FUE

Hair restoration procedure has two types of methods such as FUT and FUE. Some people said that Fut is better than FUE technique but they may do not know that FUT is completely a conventional method which is not effective as much as FUE. FUE is the most recent and advanced method of hair restoration. This method also results in natural-looking hair growth with no side effects or scarring as well.

Hair restoration is only for Men

No, this is another misconception about hair restoration procedure that this is only designed for men. This technique is designed for both men and women, but make sure you have good health without any problem. In addition to this, both sexes are suffered from hair loss or hair thinning problem. So, there is no restriction for ladies who want to get hair restoration procedure.

The hair restoration procedure is painful

This procedure is completely safe and secure, which do not result in any type of complication, pain, and discomfort as well. So, do not take tension about pain, if you are planning to undergo hair restoration procedure.

New hair will grow immediately after the surgery.

No, this is not a fact, because you need to wait for 3 months after the surgery. Many people claim that they experience hair growth little late, this happens because results are varied person to person or these will effect by your health condition as well.

If you are still in doubt then must contact our doctors, they have vast knowledge and experience in this field. They will surely clear your all the doubts about hair restoration.

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