• alyzza.dill-hudson posted an update in the group Group logo of CHNA Data CommitteeCHNA Data Committee 3 years ago

    The Community Description page is live for comment. Please refer to the Editorial Guidance document in the uploads section of this group and take those guided questions into consideration as you review the Community Description Page at https://insight.livestories.com/s/v2/community-description/40c4e9e3-8fdb-4b44-91ad-a58e723fea95. Reply to this post with your comments, suggestions, and feedback.

    • Hi All. The new Community Description page looks terrific! It does seem to work better in Google Chrome than in Internet Explorer, where several of the charges are not visible.

    • I love the fact that there are clear explanations near each graphic to provide context for the information provided in each chart. Also providing reference levels within charts is helpful. Finally, the diversity of the graphic types (bar, pie, etc.) is very engaging.

    • So much is here. Why don’t we include educational status?

    • There’s a typo in the word “Moved” in the bottom axis of the DC Geographical Mobility by Ward, 2010-2017 bar chart.

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