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    Geriatrics: Promoting Better Quality of Life to Aged People

    Aged people are prone to numerous health disorders. Over a period, the invasion of health diseases robs them from normal living and as a result, it slowly cuts down their average lifespan which is a matter of grave concern. If you want to look upon your grandparents in the pink of health then rather putting them into more deteriorate condition it would be better for you to get a consultation from Geriatrics in Cyprus (Γηρίατροι στην Κύπρο)as early as possible. The geriatric is a specialized healthcare branch that deals with the healthcare needs of aged people and children too. They are termed to be “person-centered” where they put a strong emphasis on the preferences and personal values of the patients and move forward towards providing better treatments wrapped in care and love. Whether it is about the degeneration of bones, weakening of immunity or any health impairment, the Geriatrics are there to bring positive transitions in the lives of people.

    Before you are looking for geriatrics treatment for your grandparent, you need to search for a certified Geriatrician that performs a thorough examination of the health ailments. With aging, it is a known fact that people tend to accompanied by a serious illness like urinary incontinence, dizziness, pneumonia, and whatnot. Theyprovide an innumerable number of treatment programs that can cater to the needs and requirements of the patients and ensure to eliminate the underlying health disorders such as diabetes and hypertension which accelerate the chances of getting sick. If you are searching for the best Geriatrician that can allow your grandparent to lead a healthy lifestyle then you need to consult with Dr. Stelios Orphanides in Cyprus. He is a renowned geriatrician in Cyprus who has served his life helping geriatric patients and dementia in Cyprus (άνοια στην Κύπρο).Awarded with Master of Science (MSc) from Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, Dr. Stelios Orphanides holds sole responsibility in providing excellent home care to the patients.

    If you want to book your appointment with this esteemed geriatrician then Know Your Doctor can help you a lot in this regard. A Cyprus-based online platform, Know Your Doctor is the most authentic and safe platform where you can search the numbers of doctors and hospitals in Cyprus according to your needs and get instant medical help! You can get everything right from finding the surgeon, pathologists, gynecologists and many more.

    About Know Your Doctor:

    Know Your Doctor is a trusted platform where you can search for the best geriatric pathology for effective treatments and medicines.

    For more details, visit http://www.knowyourdoctor.com.cy/doctors/3652-dr-stelios-orphanides

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