Health Improvement Strategy

Mental Health & Mental Disorders

Goal: 1) Mental health is supported through trauma prevention. 2) Those experiencing mental disorders have access to accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment. 3) All have access to appropriate and high quality mental health services.

Strategy Description: MHMD-1 Improve policies and procedures to identify workplace/school bullying and establish clear guidelines for steps of resolution. MHMD-2 Screen for and improve surveillance around childhood trauma. MHMD-3 Increase the proportion of primary care physician office visits where patients are screened for depression.

Level of Change: Systems

Primary Focus Area: Behavioral Health

Data Category Tag:

Estimated Implementation Date: 2010-04-01

Estimated Completion Date: 2020-01-01

Estimated Ease of Implementation: Hard

Estimated Cost of Implementation: High

Potential Community Benefit: Very High

Research: An estimated one in five American adults suffer from mental illness. Studies estimate that in any given year, more than half of the people living with mental illnesses do not receive care.

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