Goal: Every District resident has access to affordable, person-centered, and quality health care services in an appropriate setting.

Strategy Description: Although DC residents enjoy higher health insurance coverage levels compared to the nation, there are still barriers to receiving health services that disproportionately affect certain residents, regardless of coverage. AHS-1 Implement and test an integrated clinical network to improve care by transferring chronically ill patients who rely on emergency room visits for health care to patient-centered medical homes. AHS-2 Improve care coordination (e.g. behavioral health and dental health integrated into primary care).

Level of Change: Policy

Primary Focus Area: Public Health and Healthcare Systems

Data Category Tag: Access to Health Care

Estimated Implementation Date: 2010-04-01

Estimated Completion Date: 2020-12-31

Estimated Ease of Implementation: Very Hard

Estimated Cost of Implementation: Moderate

Potential Community Benefit: Very High

Research: Access to health services can be measured by factors such as ability to pay, location of facilities and services, hours of operation, physical, and cultural barriers, and the time it takes to receive services.

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